Learning and Development Charging process: how does it work


At P&G, we believe that leadership learning is a long-term investment in the growth of our people, so they can grow our businesses. 

For this reason, the organization has committed to pay tuitions (fees) for all P&G Leadership Academy courses at a global level, with no impact on trainees individual cost centers at local level. 

Here is to illustrate how the Learning & Development Charging Process works for all P&G Leadership Academy courses across all Regions: each course has a fee (the tuition) that is charged to the participant mega-BU of belonging. This means the cost does not impact the individual cost center at local level. 

The fee is visible in MyLearning at enrollment time and may change depending on location of the session. The tuition includes logistics, eventual external costs, materials and – eventually – the travel cost of the trainer. 

As this is an investment, all trainees are expected to align their training attendance with their manager, ensuring it is based on a real business need. 

And, who pays for the eventual travel and accommodation costs of the trainee? In case travel is implied, this is the responsibility of the individual’s cost center and usually follows expense note process. 

As learning is a crucial competitive asset for P&G success, it has to be considered as important as business priorities. Neverthless, in the event participants needs to cancel, they get charged if they cancel within short notice (2 weeks from the day of the course) up to 100% of the fee. Same applies if participants do not show in the day of the course. Early cancellation (>4 weeks in advance of the training date) is not charged. Cancellation fee as well is charged at Global level in the BU of belonging of the individual. 
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