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Record an audio (IPhone)

You may use Voice memo the phone application for notes. To recover a note you have to connect the phone to a phone and use Itunes. Select the icon on the phone and look for the tab called "Music". Inside this check that you have selected the option with voicememo. Execute a sync with your phone. At this point on the playlist of Itunes "Voice Memo" appears. Select from the menu the File ->Show in Finder and you will see the file to be attached to your voicemap.

Record an audio (Android)

The recorder supplied by an Android phone records good quality file.arms that are particularly compressed. the best thing to do is to send yourself the mail with the recording directly from the smart phone application.

Record an audio (Skype)

To record an audio conversation during a teleconference on skype you need a plug in to be installed on at least one of the computers of the participants.

Supported File audio

we support AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG;MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR and WMA. Check that your file has one of these extensions before attaching it to the voicemap.

Right to withdraw

If you decide to withdraw your order, you may do so free of charge before your audio is taken up for processing by our operator,in this case you will be reimbursed the entire sum within the time limits needed for write off and be re-credited to your account. If you decide to withdraw after our staff has delivered the service, you will be reimbursed the sum you paid decreased by 1 Euro for every minute of the audio furnished.

Delivery/lead time

Our team undertakes to deliver the voicemap in 72 hours after acceptance.Best lead time will be offered. If this deadline cannot be respected the staff will inform the client of a new deadline date, as soon as possible.